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Free betting tips

Manobets gives away free betting tips. The free bets are based on a high knowledge of football, and much betting experience. The bets are mostly Eredivisie predictions, but we also predict other leagues. The reason why we are only give away soccer tips, is simply because we only have a high knowledge of soccer, and we want to win as much as possible.

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Best betting tips

Many people see sport betting as a 100% gambling hobby. We as soccer tippers disagree this opinion.  When you play with the right bankrollmanagement,  on a long term you can make big bank with just betting. In our “betting tips” we explain in more details how to win soccer predictions and what you need to note when you are going to place a bet. How more you understand bankrollmanagement, the less risk is involved with betting.

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What is the best Free Betting Tips website?

There are a lot betting tips website’s out there. But which one is the best? There is not really a “best” free betting tips website. One website predict almost all matches, and has many things wrong. As others post not much and almost has a 75%+ succes. On this moment we are such as the second type of website. Because we don’t want to just give a correct score away, without any logics behind it.