When should you cash out with betting

how to cash out in betting

Ever wondered how to cash out or when to cash out in betting? We will tell you everything about cashing out with a betting account. Also we will tell you if it is possible to cash out while not being 18+.

When cash out with betting?

When you cash out in betting, you simply transfer the money from your account to your bank account. This is usually done with profit, but with how much profit?

When you cash out is actually a personal preference, but we think there is a way to prevent loss faster. If you make sure you cash out immediately after you have won what you put on it, it ensures that you can play with the money without any risk.

example: You deposit 10 euros on your account. You win a total of 20 euros by betting. Then immediately withdraw 10 euros from your account if this is possible.
At Unibet, for example, you have to cash out at least 15 euros. In that case, cash out 15 euros and continue playing with the remaining money.
This ensures that you can not make a loss if you lose the rest, because you have already cashed out what you deposited.

Ofcourse you can also keep the money on your account, but this tip was only to avoid unnecessary loss.
I case you win big, we suggest to cash out a big part of the win, and keep some cash by which you can play with.

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How to cash out on betting sites?

Any cash out systems on betting websites works the same. It is very easy to do and the site includes the information you need. But if you still have troubles, then is here a quick explanation.

Here quick steps on how to cash out in betting (Unibet for example):

Have enough money on your balance to cash out – 15 euros if you are on Unibet.com

Step 1: Go to “My account” by clicking on your balance in the top right corner.

Step 2: Now in the left menu bar you will see bank as the first option. Click on bank and press “Withdraw money”.

Step 3: Select the way of cashing out.

Step 4: Fill in the right information and than you made your first cash out on a betting website.

Step 5: Waiting game – This can take like 1 or 2 days.

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Can you cash out when you are not 18+?

Gambling while being underaged is illegal, but what if you won money and want to cash out.

You probably filled in fake details to make your betting account, and when you made your account you accepted the terms & conditions.
In these terms & conditions says that you need to be 18 years or older to create your account. If you still create an account with incorrect data and we will find out later, your account will be put on hold.

Sometimes with cashing out they want a copy of your ID or passport. Also they want your bank details with a screenshot with your data on it with the latest transactions. This is to check if the user is really you. If you don’t do this, than will not cash out. If you send a copy of your ID or passport and you are not 18 yet, than your account will be banned or put on hold.

Conclussion: You can cash out when you are not 18+, but at your own risk. Getting caught can lead you to problems, and you will lose the money you made. You can’t ask the money back that you deposited. So we suggest to wait until you are 18+ or ask one of your parents to create an account for you.


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