Footbal live betting tips

football live betting tips

Football live betting tips for people who want to learn more about live betting. These football live betting tips are useful to make profit with just livebetting.

What is live betting

Football live betting is exactly what you say. It is a way of to bet live on a sports event like a football match. During the match you are able to stake money the winner for example. With live betting you have many other options just like betting before the match. But usually the odds are different because the match is already busy.

Why football live betting tips

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular. More and more betting websites are adding the live betting feature. But why do people do live betting and why does it became so popular. Live betting is not only used by people that just missed the pre match bets, but it is also used to wait how a team is performing. If a team is in favorite but doesn’t play well, then with live betting it is easy to skip that match.

This book made football betting much easier for us.

Football live betting tips

These are the football live betting tips we give. Each tip is explained seperatly:

  • Learn how to use statistics
  • Watch the football match
  • Beat the bookmakers
  • Ball poccession is not everything

Learn how to use statistics in football live betting

This is one of the tips you can implement on not only football live betting, but also for pre match betting. Learn how to use the right statistics.

Check how many corners every team has to see who is likely more dangerous. Shots on target can also help you to see who is more dangerous. This can also be misleading sometimes, but you have a small indication of how the match is going.

Not only the information about the match itself can be useful. The information about the recent matches of each individual team, can indicate the form of the moment. Teams with bad form are more likely to underperform. Our favorout statistic is the head to head history of both teams. Sometimes the number 1 always has a hard time against a specific. This can lead to a lot of value in a bet.

football live betting tips

Watch the football match

This tip speaks for itself. Just by watching a football match, the predictions can be easier to make. Watching only the live statistics is not always enough. The statistics can give a different picture of the match than actually watching it.

Watching the game give a clear picture of who is better and who deliveres more pressure. Also, you can see who is the weaker team on that moment. But keep in mind, this can always change during the match.

Beat the bookmakers

Try to beat the bookmakers. With this, we mean trying to find a high odd that is worth playing. Find high odds that should actually be much lower. Bookmakers can make mistakes too, so try to use their mistakes to make profit.

For example: One team is in the top 3 in the competition. Needs to play against one of the lowest ranked team. But the low ranked team won in the history, 5 matches out of all 5 matches against the top 3 team. The odds are extremely high for the low rank, but the underdog has a great chance to win or draw that match. Of course you should not stake high on bets like this, because it is never sure. But it is worth trying with nice odds.

Ball poccession is not everything

This team got 60% over ball poccession, so they are much better. This is absolutly wrong. A team can be better with more ball poccession, but not because of the ball poccession. Some teams are based on counters, so they don’t need more ball poccession to score a goal. Also, ball poccession most of the times is not passive and harmless.

Many betters make the mistake by betting on the team with the most ball posseccion. That is why this tip is provided in the football live betting tips, because it is very important to not make this mistake.

This is our favourite guide when it comes to learning about Football Betting.


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