How to make money with football betting

We will give 10 tips on how to make money with football betting.

how to make money with football betting

Football betting is never 100% chance of winning. But don’t give up yet. These 10 tips on how to make money with football betting, will increase your winnings and makes the chance to make profit much higher.

1. Have football knowledge

Having the right knowledge is definitely very important. How can you even bet on a sport if you don’t even understand the sport. Not only understanding the sport is all the knowledge you should have.

Knowing certain teams is also key to the knowledge. If two teams play against each other, know the teams and their form well before you put a bet on them. Of course you do not have to know each player and each team. But you should know on what shape they are currently in.

2. Be patience

Not being patience is a common mistake by many betters, and can lead to losing money instead of winning. If they have money on their account balance, they want to place bets continuously.

Because they are not patience enough to wait on the right bets, they are going to bet on random matches without have any knowledge of both teams.

So just be patience and wait for the right match to stake your money on. Don’t waste your money on matches where you do not even know both teams.

3. Use bankroll management

Bankroll management is the only way on how to make money with football betting for the long term.

Bankroll management is like your own bank system within your account. It is the amount you are willing to risk and invest in your betting. You start with a certain amount of money on your account. This is mostly 50 or more.

Depending on the risk and the trust of the bet you are going to stake a percentage of your bank on that specific bet. If this still sounds very difficult, here is an example:

You put 50 euro’s on your account and that is your bank. If you place a bet, the stake amount is around 5 – 15 % of your bank, based on how much risk the bet is and how much trust you have in the bet.

If you want to learn more about bankroll management, We suggest to read this book.
This book will teach you enough about what bankroll management is and how to use it.

4. Join a Facebook group

If you are not an football betting expert by yourself, you can always join a facebook group. In these football betting groups are a lot of football experts who analyse football matches and provide you with good predictions.

In these group you can also discuss with other people. Ask them for help, or create bets together. So with this groups you can follow the bets of the experts, or you just ask for help or meet other betters.

Talking with other betters, can make you a more skilled better and will increase your knowledge. Also you can help other people out if you like that.

Note: You can also check other websites for betting tips from experts. 

5. Join a Telegram group

This is the same thing as joining a Facebook group. Joining a Telegram group based on football betting will help you a lot with betting. There are a lot people who gives free football betting tips sometimes.

If you don’t know telegram. Telegram is a free app on your mobile device and it is like whats app but than more encrypted. You don’t have to add each others number to talk, and you can easily join open groups.

Search on google for telegram groups for football betting, or find them trough the Facebook groups.

6. Choose the best betting size

Lots of people are putting so many bets in one combination. The payout is good, but the chance is relatively small. So try to find the right combination size.

Further try instead of a combination of 5 matches, just a combination of 2 matches. Don’t put in two matches with high odds, but try to keep it as save as possible. Higher up your stake and pick 2 bets you think that can’t go wrong.

With 2 matches create an odd of around 2. This will double up your stake and can create nice profit. It is better to create a bet with a higher stake amount but low odds than stake a low amount on a impossible bet.

And sometimes you can create bets with a combination of 3 or even 4 bets. But try to keep it as save as possible. Combinations with 5 or more bets can be considered as fun bets, and are more used for the fun like the word says.

how to make money with football betting

7. Don’t bet on your favorite team

Betting on your favorite team is not the best way on how to make money with football betting. Your favorite team is most of the times the best teams in your eyes. Unless you don’t want to make money with football betting, you need to be realstic. Whether your favorite team needs to play against a way better team, than just skip that match for once.

If you like to bet on your favorite team, for sure you can keep doing so. But always keep in mind that sometimes it is not the best idea to bet against a better opponent.

8. Fixed football matches

Have you seen those images on the internet where people are showing their “Fixed match”, and made thousands of thousands of euro’s. Please ignore them, most of the times they are fake.

They try to sell you those bets, but after you pay them they give either nothing or just a random fake bet. Fixed betting does exist, but the chance you can enter those easily is really small. These are done by big secret companies with a lot of money on the bank.

This is not only recommended to ignore because it is fake, but it is illegal as well. Participating to the fixed matches can cause you a lot of trouble. And if you are finding a way on how to make money with football betting, we suggest you to follow these tips instead of joining fixed matches.

9. Read this guides

With doing research and reading material we went from football betting amateurs to pro’s. There are plenty of book that can learn you how to make money with football betting. But which one is more helpfull than others.

We highly suggest this book. That book helped us a lot and will guaranteed you too.

10. Football betting only

If you only have the right knowledge about football, please stuck with football and don’t bet on different sports. Only bet on a sport if you have the right knowledge like we have mentioned before.

Creating bets with football matches combined with tennis matches for example is not a recommendation.

So if you do only have the knowledge about football, just keep staking on football matches, and keep your hands off the other sports.

If you want to learn more about tennis betting, than we suggest reading this book!


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